The Ultimate Guide For New Baby On Board!


Your guide to planning for your baby on board:

First of all, congratulations on having a baby! If you are an expecting mom, many best wishes to you! This is a whole new journey, and you will remember every ounce of it. 

It is better to start noting down the things you want to do after the baby is born. Your pregnancy is the ideal time to plan out the dates and your events for the baby on board. 

To prepare for the birth of your baby we suggest starting the preparation in the last months of your pregnancy. If you haven’t started thinking yet, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

Gear up the camera and record every inch of your hard work for the baby on board. We know that you are excited, so plan out the events and start the baby photography or maternity shoot sessions as soon as you can!


Our advice, prepare a nursery for your baby that can become a room when they grow older. This will save you a lot of time and money to invest in a place that won’t last too long. 

When you are preparing for the arrival of your baby, invest in a place you can revamp later on. It wouldn’t be smart to invest all your money in the supplies that the baby will eventually grow out of. 

Make a nursery according to the structure of your house. Plan out the place by taking accurate measurements of your upcoming baby’s room. This will help you buy the furniture and other necessities according to the space available. 

Make sure you keep space for the cot, diaper table, and closet to not make the room look overcrowded. A simple soft carpet for your baby’s tummy or playtime is enough to give your room an amped-up look.


Go for all the shoots you have been planning for the longest time. Get your maternity photos taken, and plan out for your baby’s big arrival. Consider looking up ‘baby photography near me’ or ‘newborn photographer near me’ to reach out for the best options. 

This is your time mommy, get in the vibe and make all your events memorable. Hiring a photographer for the big events will save you a lot of hassle. Announcing pregnancy, gender reveal, maternity shoot, birth pictures, or your baby’s first photo shoot, you need a photographer for all. 

Celebrate your motherhood and make your pregnancy and birth memorable. Get yourself captured in the transitioning time, and make it eventful!


We know that you are head over heels in love with your baby. Trust us when we say buying clothes is not what your baby needs. Invest in a limited amount of clothes and make the purchase worth it. 

Your baby will eventually grow up, and that will happen very fast. We suggest buying only 12-15 pieces per 3 months. This way you can repurpose the clothes, by washing them.

There is a high possibility that your friends and family will send gifts for the baby. Deciding the baby’s clothes according to age is the best choice, to not over shop. Here is a list of clothing items that you should buy:

-Soft blankets
-Envelope neck shirts
-Comfortable bodysuits
-Layette sets
-Basic shirts and trouser sets


When you are planning for the arrival of your baby, you can cut out and increase costs in different places. You can still have the best by choosing quality items and services over quantity.

Your baby won’t remember what he/she wore, but he will feel the love and affection that you handle him with. Keeping a budget in mind will help you regulate the things you need for the child.

You will have to extend the budget for the arrival of a new member of the family. This also doesn’t mean you have to splurge it all in a few months. Save up some slack, because you will need the money for all the unaccounted things.


Invest in great quality health supplies, we recommend going for brands trusted by your friends and family. These are the things that you should have in your baby bag or your baby’s safety kit. 

-Gripe water
-Diaper rash cream
-Baby moisturizing cream|
-Insect repellent
-Baby wash/shampoo
-Diapers and diaper bag
-Baby bottles and accessories
-Burp cloths
-Grooming kit
-Baby sunscreen
-Teething toys
-Basic baby medicines
-Baby wipes


You need to keep your comfort and the availability of your delivery room in mind. Choosing the hospital for your birth is a big decision and, it should entirely depend on your comfortability.

When selecting your hospital, make sure you have done your research. Pay regular visits to your doctor, and talk to the patients who have been through the same scissors. 

Discuss your medications with your maternity doctor beforehand and discuss the things. Talk about your expectations and fears of birth.

After 30 weeks you will have a clear mind about your baby’s health and position. Now is the right time to talk about birthing options, epidural, and help during childbirth.


The mom-to-be has to take care of herself too. Going through pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of the baby isn’t easy. It is exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The wellbeing of the mother is just as important as the baby. Here are a few things that you should invest in, for a healthier and easier time with your baby.

-Heating and cooling pads
-Breastfeeding kit
-Breast milk pump
-Swaddle blanket
-Baby carrier
-Nipple cream

-Nursing bras
-Comfortable postpartum clothes 
Nursing pillow (my favorite from Baby Sweet Beginnings in Lancaster)
-Nursing cotton pads

These are a few things that you need to survive the first few months after childbirth. In all regards, you must give the highest priority to the health and safety of your baby and yourself. Apart from all that, you will be a great mom!

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