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We stared at her in awe, and were so thankful, we just couldn't believe she was ours!

My name is Jessica Vastola. I am a wife, a mom of a sweet little girl and boy, and my true passion in life is to capture and freeze time.  I know all too well how fleeting this time is and how precious and beautiful our stories are.

I remember being so scared when I found out I was expecting, but so excited for what was to come. Our lives would never be the same. It wasn’t until I held her that I knew my life was changed forever. I now know what it means when someone says “having a child is like having your heart walk outside of your body.” We stared at her in awe, and were so thankful, we just couldn’t believe she was ours! Having our second child was a different kind of scared. I was so worried there wasn’t anymore room to love another baby, that Sofia would resent me. As it turns out, our hearts have infinite space, and the love you have for your first child is just as strong as the one you have for a second. I can’t imagine life without my babies. I want to document every moment, every little pudgy roll that will soon be gone. I know I’m going to miss this; I’m going to miss their sweet little faces when their grown and move away. So I want to leave something behind, something tangible. I can just imagine when they’re older sitting around talking about their memories of our family and being little, and looking at the albums and prints together that I saved for them. 

having a child is like having your heart walk outside of your body.

My husband’s grandmother passed away recently at the of 96. She lived a long, beautiful life full of family that loved her so much. Our family traveled to Florida, where she lived, for her memorial. Her two sons, their wives, most of their children, some grand-children, and even great grand-children sat around reminiscing and looking through all of the pictures she saved. It brought us all together, laughing and telling stories. She would have been so happy knowing the pictures she saved brought her family together. These images weren’t saved on a floppy disk, CD, or USB. How easy is it to find something that will read your floppy disks or CDs now. Electronics and technology are ever changing and sometimes not even reliable. Computers crash all of the time. I would be devastated if my babies’ childhood memories were just gone with no way to recover them!

Your children won’t be using Facebook, or “the cloud” when they’re older.  Strange to think about, isn’t it?

As a professional family photographer in Buffalo, I often hear, “I just want the CD,” or  “Could I have the digital files?” Everyone loves posting images online (yes, even I do!). But let’s think about this a little more. Sure you can get a CD of images, but then what?  It will sit in your drawer for a year, until your mom hounds you enough for new pictures of the children, then you’ll post a few to Facebook, worry about your privacy settings, spill coffee on the disk after it sits on your desk for weeks, and then find the kids playing Frisbee with the CD (True story!). What if your first portrait session was 7 years ago and you relied on your MySpace account to save all your pictures? Oops!

Seriously, your images deserve more. They deserve to be shared and enjoyed. This is your family. This is their story. As a family photographer in Buffalo, I know the importance that comes with preserving moments in time, and after your newborn or maternity session with me, I can guarantee you won’t want to hide these images away on a cd in a junk drawer.

As a plus, you can boost your children’s self-esteem and sense of belonging with family portraits! Isn’t that a compelling reason to consider tangible Keepsakes?

I’m thinking my daughter will make a great assistant some day for sure!

If you are interested in booking a newborn, maternity, or family photography session in Buffalo, reach out today! Let’s create something together that you’ll love for years to come.

having a child is like having your heart walk outside of your body.

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