About The Artist - Buffalo Baby Photography

It's me. Hi! Jess Vastola.

I am a wife, a mom of a sweet little girl and boy, and my true passion in life is to capture and freeze time. I know all too well how fleeting this time is and how precious and beautiful our stories are. Having a child is like having your heart walk outside your body.

My love of photography and artistic talents started as a young child, but I never could have imagined getting to make a career and business out of my passion. I am honored to have this opportunity to tell all these stories and leave a legacy behind.


I want to leave something behind, something tangible. I can just imagine the kids when they’re older sitting around talking about their memories of their family and being little, and looking at the albums and prints together that I saved for them. 

Print Your Memories.

Electronics and technology are ever changing and sometimes not even reliable. Computers crash all of the time. I would be devastated if my babies’ childhood memories were just gone with no way to recover them!

Your children won’t be using Facebook, or “the cloud” when they’re older. Strange to think about, isn’t it?

Your memories deserve to be displayed. They deserve to be shared and enjoyed. This is your family. This is their story. I know the importance that comes with preserving moments in time, and after your session with me, I can guarantee you won’t want to hide these images away on a USB (I literally had to change this from CD! See!) or in a junk drawer.

As a plus, you can boost your children’s self-esteem and sense of belonging with displaying your family portraits! Isn’t that a compelling reason to consider tangible keepsakes?

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