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A Subtle Guide for your Maternity Photography Session

Bravo! You are on a new journey now. Congratulation on the big news that you are pregnant. As you wait and prep for your little one to enter the world and join your family, your whole focus is now to make to-do lists for the little one. And this time is probably a long while because you cannot wait. One of your favorite to-do-list tasks is to have a professional maternity photography session with the newcomer. It may seem like just another item to add to your list, but a maternity shoot is a perfect time to remind you of the power and beauty of your body. During your pregnancy journey you know you will miss the shenanigans. So enjoy it while it lasts.  You deserve to have this terrific moment in your life captured, a moment you know will not come back to you to celebrate the moment with your partner and family. You want to share the joy of a newborn in your and others’ lives.

Maternity Photoshoot:

If you have had a pregnancy session before, you know that the good things come with a struggle. Before we dive into the good part, let’s have a look at the bad things pregnancy can cause you.

Pregnancy health problems- what is common to face, what is not!

Many women go through physical unease in their pregnancy period – constipation, backache, high urge to urinate, lack of proper digestion, body cramps, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and nosebleeds. These pregnancy health problems are usually not very severe but they do need medical assistance. It is always a good idea to cater to these problems with your doctor and someone older in the family. After such problems, you know when to seek help for pregnancy health problems.  Some physical and emotional changes are not very common and they can lead to serious problems in pregnancy. Just be very cautious, if you have any of the symptoms or feelings low. Call your doctor, helper, or maternity hospital as soon as possible.

Newborn Photography:

Let’s come back to the good part of the blog where we were talking about reminiscing the good stuff about pregnancy. If never have had a maternity session before, you will not know how to set up the place for it or what to expect. You will confuse yourself in searching for newborn photography near me. For some lucky ones, their loved ones organize such surprise shoots for the couple. But not everyone is as lucky. For the unlucky ones, there are ways to do things. That is why we have put together an easy-to-read guide for everything that you need to know to make the most of your session and get images you will love.

If you are anything like an individual soul then you have to struggle to set up your session, you also have to decide what to wear on a regular day. Finding the same elegant and graceful outfit for your maternity photography session is the real deal. All we are trying to do in this blog is to make you look good, graceful, and elegant. If you want to look and feel your best at your session, then follow this guide. We have put together multiple things in this guide to help you be that perfect girl.

1. Book your session early

It is important to book your sessions early on. If they are early they are better. Your best shot to book an appointment would be to book your maternity session at around 20 weeks. When you reach that phase, start prepping. When you reach the phase of finding out the sex of your baby, then also prep for the shoot. Especially if you have a personal photographer, finding the right person is a task. As a piece of advice, book as early as possible to make sure they are available.

2. Plan to book for the third trimester

The best area of the period to take your photos is in your third trimester, between 28 and 32 weeks. At this point, you will show your baby bump prominently and it will make your photos great. You are okay to move around and pose comfortably. If you plan to do your maternity session later in the pregnancy period then there is a high chance of you having trouble moving and posing, just be careful of that.

3. Speak what you want

Every photographer has a different way of working. Similarly, every mother-to-be has different likes and dislikes. If there are Pinterest images saved or you want to replicate then be sure that your photographers know. Talk it out with your photographer about what images are you looking for.  Just in case you’re interested in doing partial or full nudes then talk it out about it. Comfort is everything. It is highly important to tell your photographer about what you are so comfortable with.

4. Make your hair

Continue and enjoy your pampering session while it lasts. Go ahead with a visit to your hairstylist. If you are sure how to have your hair done, think about what you want your photos to look like. Go for a soft or a dramatic look. The more casual look the better. A simple hairstyle may be the perfect option. But if you want your images to look a little professional then don’t be afraid to go dramatic with a sleek look. 



The conclusion will only be that do not stress it out. Everything will work out exactly as it should be. It’s easier said than to be done, we get it. But, it’s not impossible. Just relax. Have fun times. Be among the best of the best ones. Also, choose the best photographer who will walk you through every pose. Just be you. You are young and you are beautiful!

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