Maternity and Newborn Photography Services at Local Package Prices

Maternity and Newborn Photography Packages Near Me

Capture your special moments of pregnancy and birthing a newborn with our quality maternity and newborn photography packages. We offer convenient local services with affordable rates so you can take home lasting memories of your bundle of joy’s first days of life.

Preparation Tips for Maternity and Newborn DSLR Photography.

Preparing for your maternity and newborn photography sessions is essential for beautiful results. Make sure to have a comfortable, safe spot picked out in advance and ensure you have an adequate background, lighting, angles, and poses ready for the session. Having props such as hats, bows, scarves, blankets, baskets and stuffed animals can also be helpful to enhance the shots. Most importantly – Go into your session relaxed and prepared!

Safety and Comfort Must Be Priorities During Sessions.

Maternity and newborn photography sessions are special moments in time which deserve the utmost safety, comfort and care while taking place. Be sure to have lots of blankets and props at hand to ensure your baby’s comfort throughout the session. Make sure your background is clean and free of any clutter or unnecessary furniture. Breast feeding as needed during a session is also perfectly acceptable – create a comfortable atmosphere that is relaxing for both you and baby!

Selection of Backdrops, Props and Lighting for Creative Shots.

After selecting a suitable backdrop for the session, browse through props such as hats, blankets and stuffed animals in order to create unique compositions. If you would like to establish a personal connection between baby and the viewer of your photos, feel free to use any symbols or references that are important to your family’s personal story. Additionally consider using a combination of natural and artificial light in order to capture beautiful light effects that could make your photos stand out!

Digital File Delivery with Secure Online Sharing Options.

After our photo session, you will receive a set of high-resolution digital files of your photos through secure online file sharing. The convenience of having access to all your photos in one place makes it easy to revisit these memories whenever you wish! Furthermore, this allows you to easily share the photos with friends and family via social media links or photo sharing options.

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