Newborn Photography in Buffalo NY

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Newborn Photography in Buffalo NY – Buffalo Baby Photography

Celebrate the special moments of your baby’s first weeks with newborn photography Buffalo, NY. With these tips to get started, you’ll be able to capture all of the best moments from your little one entering the world and beyond!

Tips for Newborn Photography in Buffalo NY

Choose the Right Photographer.

Finding the right photographer is key to getting the best newborn photography you can. Look for photographers who specialize in newborn photography and those with experience, preferably ones who have résumés or portfolios with pictures of previous clients’ babies. A good photographer should make you feel at ease, while also understanding your unique needs and providing excellent customer service. Ask friends and family for referrals if you can and read reviews online before making your final selection.

Bring Snacks and Toys to Keep Everyone Happy.

While newborn photography can be a wonderful experience to remember, it’s important to keep everyone happy and comfortable. Bring snacks and toys for the baby and toys for any older siblings who may be in attendance. Having these items available will help you relax and make sure everyone has a good time during the photo shoot. If your baby is very active or restless, you may also want to bring a pacifier or bottle of formula to help keep them calm during the session.

Remember Safety is a Priority!

Newborn photography is a delicate art, so safety must always be top of mind. It’s important to position the baby on their back or side and make sure that their head, neck and chin are securely supported at all times. If you are posing the baby in any positions, use props such as blankets, towels or bean bags for extra support and ensure that all items used during the session are appropriately clean. Make sure to frequently switch to different poses to keep your little one comfortable throughout the entire photoshoot!

Take Advantage of Organic Moments.

As beautiful as staged photos are, you will want to remember this special moment and all the sweet details of your baby. Keep an eye out for organic and intimate moments that can easily be missed such as yawns, waking up from a nap, smiles in between poses or special nuzzles. Special candid shots only occur for a few seconds so take advantage of them when you find them!

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