If you are still thinking about celebrating your son’s first birthday party, then you are on the right page. From selecting the accurate theme to hiring a family photographer we have you sorted!

Having a theme story of your party is great but if you are still confused we are here to make some clarifications. Buffalo baby is a photography service page, designed to capture your baby’s precious little moments.

When you start planning, pick up a notebook and start writing all the details that you want to keep in mind. If you are thinking about a certain idea for your birthday party, this is the best time to note its details!

There is no doubt that food and ambiance leave a lasting impression on the guests, but that doesn’t mean that your decoration planning cannot impress them. Every birthday party is unique, and every idea is set particularly to fit the mood of the party.

You should consider making a plan 4-6 before the event to avoid any last-minute errands. If you are considering hiring an event planner, the errands shouldn’t look like a task for you. Yet, if you are having a party at home, here is a list of things you should consider beforehand:


Your budget is your biggest constrain, and consider looking after it as a high priority. Planning out the budget will open all your access for the vendors you can contact.

Simple financial planning or a jot-down excel sheet will save you from a lot of money wastage. When you decide a certain amount, decide the average you want to spend on specific things like event planning, catering, etc.


Mentally prepare yourself first, this will give you a clear head about all the things that you should consider for the party. A to-do list will save you from time wastage, and give clearance for things that deserve your attention.


You have to hire a photographer no matter how professional your phones are. This will save you from a lot of hustle during the event and, capture all the best moments of your event.

We recommend that you start searching for a ‘family photographer near meto avoid any last-minute cancellations. Hiring a professional photographer is great if you like the style of a certain photographer in your town.


This is the first thing that comes to mind when kids hear about birthday parties. This is your time to give your child the birthday party of their dreams. If they have a certain interest like science, cars, or cartoons, choose a character or show and stick to its theme.

A theme will amp up the mood of your party, and keep your kids engaged throughout the event. The most common themes kids go for are cartoon-based like Minnie mouse, Barbie, boss baby, and many more. If you want to expand the ground for your theme, we recommend going for a color code, or you could ask everyone to dress up according to your theme.


This goes without saying, but make sure you consult your family and decide the date and time. This way everyone in the family can decide and coordinate their calendars.


Deciding the venue is one of the most difficult things. Our advice is to stick to the budget and be open about your guest list to avoid any miscommunications. If you like a venue, and it sits well with the theme of your party, go with it!

You may have to stretch your budget a little here and there, but if the venue is available, consider it done and decide.


The next and most important step is to invite your guests. You can either invite by dropping a mail, or by dropping the invitation to their place.

You should also consider respecting your guest’s allergies and give them an open slot to give you some open feedback. This will encourage your guests to consider the invitation and respond in time.


If your budget allows you, hire an event planner and sit back to relax. If you are not aiming to hire a planner then there are a lot of things that you have to start doing right away.

Consider fixing appointments with your photographer, cake decorator, caterer, venue decorators, and custom-designed dress designers beforehand. You should plan out your calendar and fix time slots that don’t clash with each other.


When you hire a caterer, there is a possibility that they will ask you to give them a list of your guests and their allergies. If you cannot handle various allergy options, consider upgrading your menu.

This way you have options available for everyone, and the menu looks wide and expensive. You can even get your goody bags customized by your caterer according to the theme to stick to the look.


No matter what the niche of your party is, keeping the guests entertained should be your highest priority. Now is the time that you think about what games you want to keep for entertainment purposes.

We recommend adding games that are suitable for every age. If you want to keep the audience engaged, now is the time you bring back the games everyone can play.

Add up the fun by playing games like musical chairs, hopscotch, lemon spoons, and tug of war. These are some of the old-school games that everyone knows and any age group can play.

In conclusion, have fun with the event! A nostalgic and fun event is full of love and laughter and these games will bring a lot of those. Your party will be a hit only if you keep a steady flow of events. After the event finishes, open up the gifts and rejoice in the pictures Buffalo captured!

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