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Family Session Buffalo NY/ Buffalo Family Photographer

Looking for a family session in Buffalo NY that you can treasure for years to come? Whether you’re seeking stunning photos of your immediate family or a larger group shot including extended relatives and friends, there are some things you should consider before deciding on the perfect photographer. Read on for expert tips and advice on how to plan the best Buffalo, NY family session!

Choose a Date and Time for Your Session.

Start by choosing a date and time that works best for everyone involved. Consider the ages of your children, future graduations or other events you may have to attend. If you’re photographing extended family, make sure to plan far enough in advance so everyone can make it (and have time to coordinate outfits!). You also should think about where during the day is best for each activity—sessions held in direct sunlight typically don’t work well as the cameras can produce overexposed images.

Select an Ideal Location for Your Shoot.

Buffalo, NY offers a range of stunning portrait locations and it’s important to choose one that works best for your family. Consider if you would prefer an urban landscape, a beachfront sunset, or even a field in the countryside. There is an abundance of incredible settings throughout the area—from city parks to natural trails and more—but keep in mind things like timing when the sun will set or rise in relation to your intended location, as well as other factors such as distance and accessibility.

Choose Complementary Outfits For the Family.

When planning your Buffalo, NY family session, another essential portion is deciding what outfits the family will be wearing for the shoot. The clothing should be coordinated but not too matchy-matchy; pick colors and fabrics that complement each other and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own look. Flesh tones (in shades of pink, browns, greys) are always a good way to keep the photographed subject cohesive without detracting from their individual features.

Brainstorm Themes and Props To Bring Along.

One way to add a unique spin to your Buffalo, NY family session is to brainstorm fun themes and props you can use during the shoot that represent your family’s interests. Think about any items that speak to your family’s identity or dynamic, like stemless glasses for casual home photos, a scooter for an outdoorsy day, or a science experiment set if you all love STEM. Of course, any props you bring along should complement the narrative and colors of the outfits.

Incorporate Meaningful Touches Unique to You and Your Family’s Story.

During your planning phase, think of some meaningful additions to bring along with you and further customize the experience. Do you have a blanket that was made special for your family or a heirloom trinket you want to feature in the photos? These touches can help turn a good photo into an extraordinary one by highlighting what makes your family unique.

buffalo family session

Buffalo NY Family Session

Family session

The Martin Family session with Buffalo Baby Photography. I couldn’t be more honored photographing this beautiful growing family for a second time. I love providing clients the beauty of their family the way I see it. Memories for years and years to come. Let time stand still for a moment and capture your family being themselves. Let them be little because they will only be this little for a little while.

This family and their property couldn’t be anymore perfect!

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