Mila Buffalo Newborn Photography


Mila Buffalo Newborn Photography Session 

Buffalo newborn photography! Just look at this sweet face! I am so honored to be this peanuts newborn photographer and to be able to capture this fleeting moment in her life. Mila’s mommy and daddy have been coming to see me for quite some time now because I’ve been photographing her older brother since I started.  He was actually one of my very first buffalo babies at just three months! She was just a dream for me.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better baby. She also looked great in whatever color I used. I did not see her eyes once either!  She was my very last newborn of 2014 but I can’t wait to watch this little one grow up. I’m sure she will be back to see me and be the perfect little buffalo baby too.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better job in the whole world, I get to hold these beautiful new babies all the time. To be trusted to handle such a new life is a great honor and I never take it lightly. Some of the images you see me create are done safely with a spotter right near by and some are all together composites, meaning I will have someone holding baby in a few different ways and compose the final image in photoshop.

She’s also modeling some super cute props that I provide in my West Seneca home studio Daddy Mack Hats, Dolly Priss, and Baby in Vogue.

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buffalo baby photography is a WNY based newborn and baby photographer.  I specialize in Buffalo Newborn photography though first year and family.  Please check out my pricing for more information on a session.

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