Lucy Newborn Photography Session

Lucy  Newborn Photography Session

Sweet little Lucy came to see me with her momma and daddy, her grandma  came too! You can quickly see how much this little one was loved already. Everyone oooo’ing and ahhh’ing over her cuteness. She was a complete dream for her session. There’s nothing better than photographing this age for me. I love the newness, the smell and the joy on the parents faces when the see their new little babes in these cute poses.

I didn’t plan the set up with the little doll crib but when her grandma saw how cute it was she asked me to try. I’m so happy it worked out and she slept through the whole thing!

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Lucy’s newborn session will be one of the most special moments of her life to capture! With this comprehensive guide, you can learn how to photograph the precious memories and create a delightful experience for everyone. Get ready to make a moment last forever!

Prepare by Understanding Your Goals and the Parents’ Objectives.

Before the photo session, it is important to understand your goals as a photographer and the parents’ objectives. Photographing newborns is a very special experience that requires you to be mindful of the individual needs of each family. You will need to discuss with them their desired expectations and any adjustments they may want to make when shooting the pictures.

Choose a Comfortable, Sweet Location for the Shoot.

When selecting a location for your newborn session, choose a place that is comfortable and inviting. Make sure the space has plenty of light and is not overly cluttered or noisy. Aim to capture timeless images that won’t look dated in years to come. Consider using large windows, porch swings, rocking chairs, or gardens which create beautiful scenes for photos. While it is possible to shoot in your studio, many parents prefer the beauty of natural surroundings with their pictures.

Utilize the Best Camera Settings and Gear for Newborns. 

When selecting camera settings and gear for newborns, use a lens that can focus on the closest setting to capture close-up details. A lens with an aperture of f/2.8 or below will help you create images with a beautiful blurred background. You should also set your ISO to 200 in order to avoid grainy pictures and to shoot at high shutter speeds so you can avoid motion blur. Finally, great lighting is key when it comes to newborn photography; therefore, use natural light as much as possible or get a professional flash setup if needed.

Know Safety Tips to Keep Baby Securely Positioned During Photoshoots.

Whenever you photograph a newborn, your top priority should be making sure baby is safely positioned and comfortable. Don’t forget to use props and materials that are flame-resistant, have no sharp edges, and do not have any loose parts or slots that can trap a baby’s fingers or toes during posing. Also be mindful of a baby’s temperature — the studio should be comfortable and not too hot. Always keep your hands supporting the baby while they’re in their poses.


lucy newborn photography session
lucy newborn photography session
lucy newborn photography session

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