Jess Vastola Buffalo Baby and Newborn Photographer

Buffalo Baby and Newborn Photographer

Doesn’t everyone want to know who the face is “behind the curtain?” Well, there you have it…ME (well me and my pumpkin pie of course)! Hi, I’m Jess Vastola, your Baby and Newborn Photographer, photography master. 

Buffalo Baby and newborn photographer

I’m always the one hiding behind the camera and rarely have the time to hop in the photos. The fact of the matter is I NEED TO EXIST! My daughter needs to know I existed and see with her own eyes that I was there and I love her with all of me. Sofia doesn’t care whether mommy did her hair that day, didn’t put make-up on or even had a chance to shower. She will notice if I’m never in photos with her though. This actually is not that easy to write, but I honestly don’t have many images of my mother and I, and the one I do, well, that is so special to me. I just wish I had more of us, because I would love to see the memories we made together when I was young.

This photo may not be technically perfect, but there are a couple things that make this so very special to me. I taught my husband quickly how to use my camera on manual, and it’s of me and my baby. Sofia will hopefully cherish this image when she’s older as much as I of the one of me and my mother.

So get out from behind those cameras or phones and BE IN YOUR CHILD’S PHOTOGRAPHS!

Please visit my site for more information on booking a session with me, or contact me for more information regarding a session. Let be the one to capture you and your baby.


I see a future Buffalo newborn and baby photographer!

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