Elliot Grace Newborn Photography Session

Elliot Grace Newborn Photography Session

I’m going to be honest here. Newborn photography session are A LOT of work. A lot, but these are my favorite. Every milestone has it’s cuteness. Around 3 months they are little more alert and smile at you, 6 months is super fun with their squishiness and contagious gummy smiles. Newborn photography is something I could just see myself doing all the time. They are so new and beautiful!! These tiny little lives come to see me in the first 12 days of life! This stage happens so fast, even though it probably seems like forever for the parents with sleep deprivation and all.

Elliot’s grandma actually contacted me a while before she was here.  She wanted to do something special for her daughter having her first daughter. What a an amazing gift, images that this little peanut and her family could share for a lifetime! I couldn’t wait to see this little girl as I’ve had a string of boys lately. She wasn’t a fan at first, it’s tough getting naked and having someone move you around while you sleep. I always give parents prep information before their session so they know exactly what to do before they come to see me. This also really helps in the sleepiness of the baby as well.

I was so pleased with Elliot’s newborn images and I know her family was too. She is such a gorgeous little girl and I hope to see her again to see how much she’s changed. She’s also wearing the cutest and softest made by my friend Elizabeth at Lavender Blue Baby.



If your interested in newborn photography for your new little one please contact me for more information!

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