Cake smash Buffalo NY | Jack

Cake smash Buffalo NY | Jack

Jack’s mini cake smash was so much fun!! He was such a good boy and loved having fun with his baseball themed cake. Wasn’t real happy to get his hat dirty though so we quickly snapped a few then let him take it off! I really couldn’t have asked for a better one year old. This age can be trying sometimes. They might be teething or running! So far I haven’t failed to capture any of these beautiful faces yet and I don’t plan on it. It’s too much fun watching them dig into their cake and smooshing it all over their cute little faces. The parents are super funny too, we almost always all get into the action, singing, dancing and making faces. I should have someone do a video of one of these sessions.

The tubby time can be pretty amazing too. With your choice of a tubby after, I use my big wash bin and they get all cleaned up but not until there’s some splashing going on! The fun of having it in someone else’s place is I let them get crazy playing and splashing. No holds bard people!

Here are some cute images from Jack’s sessions, as always my cakes are made by Wee Ona Bakery.  She makes the yummiest desserts fro any occasion.

Cake smash Buffalo NY Cake smash Buffalo NY Cake smash Buffalo NY Cake smash Buffalo NY Cake smash Buffalo NY Cake smash Buffalo NY

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