Collections and Session Information

How It Works

I offer three collection options to create the perfect masterpieces to accompany your home. This can include a wall portrait, an heirloom album and digital images that will be cherished for generations to come.  The session fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the following…..

*In person welcome session to discuss investments and a meet and greet.

*photo session.

*Access to our extensive prop collection as well as our maternity wardrobe.

*Crafting of each image (minimum of 25 images shown at reveal).

*In person viewing session to choose the collection that best fits you and to purchase beautiful heirloom pieces.

Session fee does not include any prints or products. Clients may purchase products via collections and a la carte. Choice of collection is not necessary until ordering appointment.


After each session, I will invite you back to the studio for your viewing session.  This is where you will view your personal slideshow as well as your private gallery.  There is no minimum investment required, but if you do choose to invest, all investments must be made at the viewing session.





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